brunette woman pointing holding measuring tape around waist after weight lossWhen it comes to losing weight with the help of a diet clinic, location is everything. It’s so much easier to commit to going to your diet clinic when it is located convenient to you! If you are looking for hCG clinics in Georgia, check out Equilibrium Weight Loss & Longevity. We have two convenient locations in the Atlanta area – Buckhead and Alpharetta – and both are equipped to help you lose weight quickly!

The hCG Diet: A Solid Weight Loss Plan

  • Our Atlanta locations provide dieters with a weight loss plan they can follow with confidence.
  • The hCG diet is designed to cause fast, easy weight loss, and it really works! Using our hCG diet program, you can transform your body in just a matter of weeks!
  • The hCG weight loss program involves sticking to a low-calorie diet (made up of healthy, whole foods) and taking injections of the hormone hCG. It’s a very simple program that produces amazing results!
  • Anyone, regardless of activity level, can lose weight quickly using hCG. That’s because no exercise is required! Simply following the diet protocol and taking hCG is enough to cause dramatic weight loss.

Using Our hCG Clinics Will Make All the Difference!

  • Losing weight is much easier when you’ve got a high-quality weight loss clinic behind you. Our Georgia hCG clinics make weight loss a breeze!
  • One major difference between Equilibrium clinics and other weight loss centers? We take a personal interest in your success. Our friendly staff provides encouragement and support throughout your weight loss journey. We love to see our patients succeed!
  • Each Equilibrium clinic has a weight loss doctor on staff. Your health is our main priority, which is why each of our patients goes through the hCG diet with the help of an MD who has experience helping people lose weight with hCG. You can be sure your health will be monitored throughout your time on the hCG diet because our clinics have knowledgeable weight loss doctors.
  • Our convenient Georgia locations in Buckhead and Alpharetta mean we are right in your neighborhood. We are conveniently located near you so it’s easier for you to lose weight on our Atlanta hCG diet program.

If you are ready to change your weight (and your life), it’s time to give the Equilibrium hCG diet program a try. Our hCG clinics in Georgia make losing weight in the Atlanta area easy! Contact us today at 770-998-7344 (Alpharetta) or 678-757-5280 (Buckhead) to get started today.

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