One of the questions we are often asked in our hCG diet clinic in Atlanta is, will hCG improve health problems such as high cholesterol? We’re happy to report that many of our patients see a significant decrease in their cholesterol levels as they go through our weight loss plan. They’re not only losing weight, they’re also improving their health tremendously.

How Does hCG Lower Cholesterol?

  • The hCG diet lowers cholesterol in two ways: by helping you lose weight, and by training you to eat in a manner that decreases your cholesterol.
  • Doctors often recommend weight loss as a first step toward lowering cholesterol, and our hCG diet plan is great for losing weight. Our diet plan focuses on fat loss, which will improve your cholesterol levels.
  • While on the hCG diet plan, you’ll learn an entirely new way of eating – one that will give you healthy eating habits for life. While the small portions are only for the duration of the diet, the food choices should become your new normal.
  • While on the diet, you’ll eat fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as lean meats. This is a clean, healthy way of eating that will do wonders for your cholesterol (not to mention your waistline). We recommend our patients follow our dietary guidelines all the time, both to maintain their weight loss results and to keep their health in check.
  • Not only does our program work, but it works very quickly. You won’t have to wait for months and months before you see an improvement both in the way you look and feel and your cholesterol levels; you’ll see a major change in a matter of weeks.

Keeping Track of Your Progress

  • Here at Equilibrium Atlanta, we’re very big on monitoring progress and celebrating successes. When you come in for your first appointment, our doctor will conduct lab work to make sure you are a good candidate for our program.
  • During this first appointment, you’ll have a lipid panel done to measure your cholesterol levels. We take down this information and then help you set your goals for the program. For many people, lowering cholesterol is a top priority.
  • We’ll give you a planner that details your goals each week. When you come in for your regular appointments, we’ll go over how you’re doing and figure out how you could do even better. We’re all about helping you succeed and get in the best shape of your life!

Lowering your cholesterol is crucial for your health. Call Equilibrium Atlanta today to make your first appointment!

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